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~ 20 Things I've Learned at 20 ~

Welp. I'm no longer a 'teen', but let's be honest, I skipped over the teen phase and went right from kid to straight up adult. Now that I am 20 (Happy Birthday to me!!!!) I wanted to share 20 things that I have learned throughout my life up until this point. I could probably give you a list of at least 250, but for now, this will have to do.


1. If you want something, you need to chase after it and get it done yourself. Don't expect or rely on anybody else to get it done for you. Be a go getter!

2. Avocados are the utmost of deliciousness. Also, tofu is yummy too. Lesson: Don't knock it 'til you try it.

3. I WANT to be a little wild and crazy and adventurous... but there is always something holding me back. Trying new things has always been a struggle for me.

4. Growing up Polish and being able to communicate in another language has literally made me the person that I am today. I am so deeply rooted in my culture and I couldn't be prouder of it.

5. The way I reach my ultimate happiness is helping others feel joy and sharing my positive energy with everybody around me.

6. If you want to change aspects of yourself, NEVER EVER do it for anybody but yourself and your own pursuit for happiness!

7. You have to grow a backbone at some point in your life. I quickly got tired of getting walked all over and taken advantage of, but didn't ever realize the massive impact that it always had on my mental health and happiness. That being said, I have started growing one (so to speak) and i'm learning to play "the game" that everybody else in the entertainment industry has to play. You have to speak up and stand up for yourself.

8. NOTHING is more important than your health, well-being, and happiness. That being said, for the longest time, I didn't even acknowledge that anxiety was real and it took me about 18 years of my life to figure out that it is constantly affecting me too. I no longer push how I feel off to the side and instead, actually allow myself to acknowledge my anxieties and problems and self reflect daily.

9. It is impossible to make all of the right and best decisions for your life and future. The sooner you realize that, the better. I never thought that I would be transferring colleges. I was incredibly frustrated with myself when I realized that I settled for a school that I knew from the beginning was not going to work for me, but you know what? Had I not made that decision, I would have never realized that I would change my major and that I can't stand suburbia! Everything honestly happens for a reason, and the experiences I gained from spending 2 years at my previous college are some that I am forever grateful for.

10. Being in a relationship does NOT mean that you have to lose your independence! I have never had anybody so supportive and uplifting in my life as my boyfriend. Hype each other up and just live your own lives together! (Anybody who knows me KNOWS that my thoughts on relationships were just blatantly incorrect)

11. Stop comparing yourself to others! It will damage your self perception and confidence more than you will ever actually realize. Trusting that you are enough is the most important thing that one should learn to do. I haven't even gotten to that point yet, but we're taking baby steps:) I encourage you to do the same.

12. Nothing is worse than getting a horrible breakout on your face and then getting a cold sore in the same week :)))))) It's not like I already didn't want to show my face in public!!!!!!

Thank you body!!!!

13. DRINKING WATER IS SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you've heard that one way more than once before.

14. Finding your other half is the scariest and most fulfilling feeling on the planet. When you feel like you and your partner fit like two pieces of a puzzle, never let that person go.

15. If you can't be perfectly comfortable and completely your most genuine self around someone, they aren't for you.

16. Anxiety is real. Self care is immensely important. Don't keep on pushing off all of your struggles, emotions, anxieties, complaints, etc. One day everything is going to build up and just explode, and you're going to feel as though your whole world is crashing down. That, or you are going to feel like you are experience some sort of a life crisis, and trust me... it's not the prettiest or most comforting time of your life. :/ Practice self care, treat yourself and do what you know makes you happy! Surround yourself by the people who will always have your back and will be more than happy to pick you up when you're feeling down!

17. Having "power" over someone is never that satisfying. At least I don't think so.

18. Eating and fueling your body is NOT a sin or something that you should steer away from, it is a NECESSITY. (This one took me a REALLY long time to realize!)

19. It does not matter who you are, what you have done in your past, or how you act, but for some reason, I manage to find the good in everybody, and will give anyone the benefit of the doubt. I have yet to figure out if that is a blessing or just a curse.

20. As a kid, I wanted to become an actress more than anything. At 20, there is nothing more that I would rather have as my career. Something in me is so deeply rooted in that aspect of the Entertainment industry that all I want to do is see if I can get my foot in the door somehow... and if not, well, at least I will have plenty of other options as well!

Once next year rolls around, I'm positive that I'll have 21 things ready to write about from this year alone. I'm wishing all of you luck with your own lives, and hey, maybe you'll learn something about yourself from this post!

xoxo Gabi

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