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Transferring Colleges is OKAY

Recently, I went through the immensely stressful process of transferring from one college to another. Thankfully, I have been attending my new college since the beginning of September and I could not be happier. Although most people figure out that they don't feel right at their school after their first or second semester, I stuck it out for 2 whole years at mine. Here's a tip from somebody who is uber stubborn and never believes in their own opinion.

TRUST YOUR GUT! That's right. If something isn't sitting right with your mind and your heart at your college, think about whether or not transferring colleges would be the best choice for you. Personally, I struggled with the decision because I felt disappointed in myself, but...why? I am the kind of person who does not like being wrong, who does not like making the wrong choices, yada yada yada. Basically, if I don't get it right the first time, I get frustrated with myself. That's kind of the battle that I fought with myself for a good year before deciding (with a lot of support from my friends & family) that transferring schools would be the best choice for me. :)

For those of you who have already decided that you want to transfer, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! You're already one step closer to a happier and more satisfied you:) I may not be of the most help (and you're always welcome to contact me and ask all of the questions you may be having), but here are the steps I took to transfer and what you should probably do too!

1. Talk to your Academic Advisor

Unless you are completely independent and have already made up your mind (like I did), I would go ahead and talk to them about why you might be wanting to transfer and simply just to gain another outside opinion. Even if they aren't of much help or even if they are, at least you reached out to someone and started thinking about your options!

2. Choose a school / Look into your options

Chances are, you probably already have a school or multiple in mind, so do your research on their transfer programs and get in touch with their Transfer Admissions department to discuss their policies / your potential transfer credit evaluation! That is SUPER important. Try and gauge out how many of your credits will be transferred over from your previous school.

3. Apply to said schools

Go ahead and acquire your academic transcript on your student portal and make sure to get it sent over to the schools. You'll likely end up having to submit your current transcript & FINAL academic transcript. Once you do that, cross your fingers (and I will do the same for you) and hope for a positive response!

4. Talk to your Financial Aid Office and make sure that you get all of the details & any forms that you need to get signed!

Chances are they will redirect you to all of the other offices you need to contact as well ORRRR talk to your advisor if you are completely dumbfounded as to what you should do and what you need to get done. Some schools may have a checklist of things that they can give to you to help you keep track of everything you need to get done.

5. Once you get accepted to your new school (YAY!), check for an Accepted Student Portal

If there is a transfer portal at your new school, make sure to keep on checking it for updates on your transfer credit eval, admissions and financial aid updates, deadlines, yada yada yada. Get clear answers to your questions regarding course credits and your major!

BONUS: If you decide to change your major, now is the time to do it and don't be afraid to do it either! Honestly, its whatever and you can take whatever course you want to take with your life! Do what is going to be best for you!

6. End of Your Final Semester at Your Old School

At the end of the semester, confirm with your school financial aid office and your advisor that you have completed all of their requirements and submitted all of your forms. Go ahead and send that final transcript over to your new school and feel proud of yourself and your decision to make a healthy switch for yourself & your education!

Congratulations on your decision and I hope that everything works out for you!

Remember that wanting or needing to transfer out of your college is OKAY! Always do what is best for you!

Transferring schools is one of the best decisions that I have ever made for myself and I do not regret it in the slightest. :)

If you have any questions or can't figure out what to do regarding transferring, feel free to reach out to me! It is always good to have a helping hand because transferring can be a daunting process!

Good luck!


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