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Sea Hear Now 2019

Better late than never!

I'm back and bringing you the latest & greatest from my second experience at Sea Hear Now in Asbury Park, which was back in September!

For starters, there were significantly more people there this year compared to last year and BOY OH BOY did it make a huge difference... and in my opinion, it wasn't a positive one. I love that the festival is trying to expand and reach a bigger audience, but in order for that to work, the space that is occupied by the festival must be expanded to fit the needs of everybody involved. That being said, safety ended up being a relatively large concern not only of mine, but of others as well. A survey was sent around later by the festival asking for feedback and for suggestions for the 2020 reincarnation, so I made sure to include my two cents. I'll keep y'all posted on any changes that may arise next year!

Putting all of that aside, I am beyond glad that I chose to attend again. I have a feeling that going to this festival is going to become a tradition of mine for years to come... and I am super excited about that because I feel like I don't have any traditions of my own!

IN ADDITION, I definitely found some new music obsessions, such as:


- Ripe (which was expected & you'll see my reaction to the moment I realized that they were the creators of one of my most listened to songs of the summer later in this post)

Crowd Favorites ( and I mean like the beach was completely packed and you could not moveeeeeeeee):

- Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

- Dave Matthews Band

- The Lumineers

- Dropkick Murphys


.... but also, my favorite part:

See you guys there next year!

(You can join their mailing list to get information about the festival / ticket sales, but really you can also just wait for me to blast the info all over social media next year!)

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