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10 Traditional Polish Meals & Desserts For You To Try

I am positive that you all know who I am and my cultural background, so you shouldn't be surprised by this one at all. I figure I would do EVERYBODY a favor and find some Polish recipes that are relatively easy to follow and easy to execute as well!

I encourage everybody who has been dabbling in the world of cooking and baking to give at least one of these recipes a try, if not just to get a taste of some traditional Polish dishes and desserts... and as always, let me know how it goes and which one is your favorite!


1. Makowiec (Poppy Seed Roll)

Now I find this hard to believe since I could eat this all day everyday if I was able to, but I used to dislike this dessert as a kid! Traditionally a holiday dessert (Christmas, Easter, etc.) in Poland, it is popular and eaten year round as well. The raisins and nuts are optional :)

Find It Here:

2. Gołabki (Stuffed Cabbage)

Although I am not really a meat eater, traditional Gołabki aren't for me, so I love my vegetarian stuffed cabbage instead! Buttttttttt..... this meal is SO good! It takes a bit of time to prepare, but is so worth it in the end... I promise!!!!!

Find It Here:

3. Bigos (Sauerkraut Stew)

A typical Polish comfort meal. You can make this from scratch .... OR you can go to any Polish deli and buy a jar of pre-made sauerkraut base and just add some chopped kielbasa (or leave it out to make it vegetarian). Perfect for fall and winter :)

Find it here:

4. Pierogi (Sweet or Savory!)

This SHOULD be at the top of the list because I don't know anybody who has not had some kind of variation of Polish Pierogi. By the way, it is pronounced "pye-ro-gee" and it is in plural form ;) You can basically make ANY filling you want for these, so I have attached a basic recipe for the pierogi base + a few traditional fillings.

Find it here:

5. Szarlotka (Apple Cake / Polish Apple Pie)

This is BY FAR my favorite Polish dessert. Whenever I go to the Polish deli or any Polish celebration, I can never get enough of this dessert. In my opinion, it is the superior apple pie, but don't just take my word for it... give it a try!

Find it here:

6. Paczki (The Superior Donut)

I don't have to say much about this one except for the fact that it IS the superior donut. Nothing here compares to eating a fresh, warm paczek on the streets of Poland. You can choose to leave it plain or add any kind of filling you want! Plum, strawberry, and apple jam are my favorites.

Find it here:

7. Rosół (Chicken Noodle Soup)

In simple terms, this is our Polish Chicken Noodle Soup. The thin egg noodles for whatever reason change the soup game! A traditional add in is Maggi Liquid Seasoning ( Seeing and using it is always so nostalgic for me!). Another lovely comfort food, perfect for the fall and winter.

Find it here:

8. Barszcz (Red Beet Soup)

This one is mostly associated with Christmas Eve. It is a Wigilijny (Christmas Eve) dinner staple, along with the mushroom uszka (mini pierogi) that we put in the soup. If you don't want to make this from scratch, red barszcz bases can be purchased at any Polish deli!

Find it here:

9. Nalesniki (Polish Blintzes)

Yes, I know that crepes/blintzes are not Polish, but Nalesniki are game changers. This is typically associated with breakfast, but can be considered as a dessert as well. In Poland, they are never savory, and always have a sweet filling (fruit or sweet cheese).

Find it here:

10. Sernik (Polish Cheesecake)

My mom always told me that Polish cheesecake was less sweet than American cheesecake and it is SO true! We make it with farmer's cheese rather than cream cheese, so it is not as processed and heavy on the fat percentage. It is just as delicious as it looks and it is best served warm! I couldn't find the PERFECT recipe because they are all in Polish, but this one will certainly do :)

Find it here:


xoxo Gabi

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