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2020 Holiday Gift Guide (Something for Everyone!)

I categorized this gift guide by personality/hobby/interests type & hope it helps you alleviate a little bit of your stress this holiday season... especially due to the current state of the world!

If you can get your holiday shopping and planning done early this year, I would highly recommend it. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't already finish all of my holiday shopping, but for me, it's always better to plan and execute as soon as possible so that I can enjoy the holiday season with my loved ones even more.

For Anybody During 2020 (Stocking Stuffers)

  1. Hand Sanitizers

  2. Cotton or Disposable Face Masks (My favorites are from Kitsch!)

  3. Disposable Gloves

For The Eco-Friendly One

  1. Stojo Collapsible Cup

  2. Hydroflask, Simple Modern, or any other reusable water bottle

  3. Reusable Utensil Kit

  4. Reusable Straw Set

  5. Anything from Wholesome Culture

  6. Make a donation in their name to any organization that supports sustainability and environmental/ecological protection/animal welfare!

The Fitness Enthusiast

  1. Gift card or apparel from: Aerie, Gymshark, Lululemon, Fabletics, etc.

  2. Reusable Water Bottle (Anything that will fit their aesthetic!)

  3. Blender Bottle (for their protein shakes and pre-workout)

  4. Scrunchies!!!!

  5. Yoga Mat (Lululemon, Athleta, plus you can find them at Marshalls/TJ Maxx)

  6. Membership or Subscription to Gym / Digital Classes

  7. Foam Roller (or Electric Muscle Massager)

  8. Gym Bag (Adidas, Nike, Gymshark, etc)

The Beauty Queen

  1. Facial Roller (Crystal or Metal)

  2. Skincare or Beauty Holiday Gift Sets (Sephora or Ulta)

  3. Sleeping Eye Mask

  4. Silk Pillowcase or Scrunchies (Kitsch or others!)

  5. Glossier Balm Dot Com or Any other lip balms

  6. Makeup Palettes from their favorite brand

  7. Makeup Brush Set ( IT Cosmetics, Mac, Sigma, etc.)

  8. Facial Steamer

  9. Skincare Fridge (This is real and you can find it on Urban Outfitters!)

  10. Ask what they need and restock their skincare or makeup supply ;)

Master of the Kitchen

  1. Kombucha Making Kit

  2. Recipe Book

  3. Dash Mini Waffle Maker

  4. Adorable kitchen utensils like measuring cups, pot holder, etc.

  5. A cocktail shaker ;)

  6. Pots & pans that go with their aesthetic!

The Guy Friend For Whom You Never Really Know What To Buy

  1. A beanie from any store like Hollister, A&F or AEO

  2. A flannel (who doesn’t love a good flannel?)

  3. What is he a fan of? Find random niche items. (Think Urban Outfitters)

  4. A gift card to Game Stop or any other place they enjoy (sometimes gift cards are the way to go!)

  5. Knick knacks like the tiny emergency kit for guys at urban outfitters that MAY come in handy.

Frequent Traveler

  1. Neck pillow

  2. Sheet masks

  3. Air Pods / Wireless Headphones

  4. Eye Mask

  5. Passport Holder / Makeup Bag

  6. Luggage / Suitcase

  7. Travel Journal

Aspiring Musician

  1. Yeti Microphone

  2. Subscription to Spotify or Other streaming service / Subscription to editing software

  3. Record Player


  5. Acoustic Guitar / Midi Keyboard / Any instrument they are interested in

Cozy By The Fireplace

  1. Sherpa Sweatshirt (ANYTHING sherpa)

  2. PJ Set literally from anywhere

  3. A mug / hand made or bought!

  4. Fuzzy socks!

  5. Hot chocolate kit / smores kit


  7. Cozy Blanket (Barefoot Dreams is popular, but anything cozy will do!)

  8. A pair of UGG's or Sherpa/Fur lined boots

For The Ball of Stress

  1. Bath bombs from Lush

  2. Essential Oil Diffuser + oils (marshalls or tjmaxx)

  3. Journal

  4. Weighted Blanket or Fuzzy Blanket

  5. Book full of poems :-) or your favorite cozy read!

  6. Star Projector (these are amazing and so calming!)

  7. Weighted Blanket

For The Girl Who Has It (Seemingly) All Together

  1. Any kind of Stationary ( pens, pencils, calligraphy pens, notebooks, planner, journal)

  2. Mug that says boss babe or boss girl

  3. pay for their website domain subscription (LOL but true)

  4. Beginner’s Guide to Calligraphy

  5. 2021 Personalized Planner

The Book Lover

  1. Subscription to Book of the Month

  2. Gift card to any local book store!!!!

  3. Book Light that attaches to book

  4. Kindle or Nook

  5. A Fun Mug for that cup of tea, coffee or hot cocoa they sip while they read

The One Who is Always Cold

  1. USB rechargeable hand warmer(s)

  2. Fluffy blanket / snuggie lol / sherpa sweatshirt

  3. Fuzzy socks / robe

  4. A blanket scarf

  5. Microwaveable Stuffed Animal Warmer

  6. Electric Heating Blanket

The At Home Barista

  1. French Press or Coffee Maker (espresso machine, traditional drip, etc.)

  2. Milk Frother (electric or manual)

  3. Gift Card to Starbucks or favorite coffee shop


  5. Coffee Syrup(s) to inspire them to try new flavors!

The One Who Says They Don’t Want Anything

  1. Just follow them around and see what they like or have their eyes on and then… buy it.

  2. Make a donation to a charity or foundation on their behalf! (Highly recommend this one this year!)

  3. When in doubt, buy them a gift card to a store that they frequently shop at :)


Consider Donating to Toys for Tots

Please consider donating to Toys for Tots this holiday season There are a number of locations where you can drop new toys off in person, but if you feel more comfortable virtually donating, they have set up an amazing Virtual Toy Box in which you can just drag and drop, then pay for the toys that you would like to donate!

This year has been an especially tough one for families around the world, so if you are in a situation/position in which you are able to give this year, please join me in donating some toys for tots!

Link to Virtual Donation Box: Toys For Tots


Pro tip: It's never too early to start holiday shopping to avoid crowds and stress!

xo Gabi


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