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How To: Bareburger Vegan Milkshake Dupe😍

If you've ever been to Bareburger, then you KNOW that everything on their menu is pure deliciousness.

My typical order consists of a Be My Burger [ Sweet Potato on a Sprout Bun with alfalfa, tomato, onions, spinach & guac] with a side of Sweet Potato fries. Only recently did I try the Be My Vegan Milkshake and my oh my, it was delectable and it was vegan? Even better.

Now that we're all stuck at home and I won't be ordering anything from a Bareburger any time soon, I decided to recreate this dessert and share it with the world.

Let me know if you give it a try!

And now... a parting gift:


Vegan Vanilla Milkshake


1 1/2 cup vanilla coconut milk ice cream

1/4 cup hemp milk (or coconut hemp milk)

Optional: vegan whipped cream & sprinkles!

1. Throw it all in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour yourself a lovely cup of this yummy treat, then top with vegan (or not) whipped cream and sprinkles!

2. Feel free to throw in any other toppings to change up the flavor such as, peanut butter, bananas, strawberries, etc.!

Here’s a fun fact: This entire milkshake is only a little over 300 calories rather than the typical 800 that a milkshake can get up to! Woo hoo!


xoxo Gabi

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