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First Time: 'Dying' My Hair [Quaran-time with Gabi]

Okay.. okay... so I guess you can't REALLY say that I dyed my hair, since I used Overtone, BUT it's the first time that I have ever even experimented with hair colors other than my own.

Realistically, I am just trying to prepare myself for the day I go blonde, IF that day ever comes, and the many colors I will attempt to put in my hair before I launch a professional career in which they are no longer acceptable.

For the time being however, I decided to give rose gold overtone a try, and *SPOILER ALERT*... I LOVED it! I want to keep on trying different colors, but would LOVE some recommendations from my audience. I've even given purple a try, but that's content and information for another day. Obviously, any overtone color you use will end up being most vibrant on light hair, but they created a specific line of colors for brown hair and I have to say that I was definitely pleasantly surprised with my own results.

With all of that being said, please enjoy my video & give overtone a try for yourself!

xx Gabi


If you want to give Overtone a try:

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