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Everyday Makeup Routine [Quaran-time with Gabi]

Sooo... here's a fun little thing I decided to start up during this time at home. WOO HOO! THAT'S RIGHT!

A ... YouTube Channel. Ok... I will admit that it's probably a severely underwhelming update from me, but i'm pretty excited to provide people with some content created by me :) Filming and editing has definitely become a fun new experience for me, and as you'll see by the end of this video.... I'm still working on the whole thing, but practice makes everything better!

Annnnnd.... just to supplement the video, I wanted to give you the run down on my very simple makeup routine and link all of the products so that you could find them easily!

Products Mentioned In The Video:

*** for any glossier products: 10% off + free ship over $30

More content coming soon!

xx Gabi

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