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305 Fitness: Yasssss your way to a healthier & happier you!

From the moment that you step into one of their studios, you are launched into a whole different world full of vibrant colors, words of encouragement, positivity, inclusion, empowerment, and a whole lot of “yassss queen” vibes, that inevitably makes you feel like your own fitness guru. The whole studio experience will leave you asking yourself, “Am I at the gym, or am I in Miami right now?” Welcome to 305 Fitness.

Founded in 2012 by dancer Sadie Kurzban, 305 Fitness is a boutique dance-based fitness studio chain stretching across the East Coast with studios in NYC, DC, Boston, and Miami. They offer 3 types of classes: Cardio, FLX [similar to yoga] and PWR; each of them offering vastly different, but all equally fun and challenging fitness experiences.

It’s not just another workout class that you dread having to leave the house to go to because you’ve decided to get into shape. It’s an entire party equipped with a live DJ and a light show combined with the positive energy of all of the ‘#305junkies’ in the room. Described as the feeling of, “Going to the club on a Friday night with your friends, but on crack” by 305 Fitness first timer Chelsea Laufer, an NYU student, classes are fun, enjoyable, and unlike any other fitness experience available in NYC. You’ll want to get out of bed and ricochet right into class. “When you’re having a bad day,” says Madison, an original #305junkie, “305 is the best place to go to because class is always about letting loose, being yourself, and having fun.”

Not a dancer? That’s more than okay. Everybody is welcome. Your fellow 305 Fitness mates are incredibly encouraging and the instructor will always help you and hype you up. 305 Fitness wants to “celebrate” who you are, as one of the Front Desk Managers Sophie would say. So, when in doubt, follow the feet, then add the arms whenever you’re ready. The first time I took a class at 305, I felt more comfortable and more welcomed than I ever have in any other studio or commercial gym environment. Andrew Gallagher, a 305 Fitness regular said that, “This is a place to which you come as you are and through which you build true relationships and friends. It’s a true community!” You might come here simply looking for an ordinary workout, but you may just leave with a new set of friends by the time it’s over.

With college campuses surrounding each of their locations, they already know that students can’t always afford to visit upscale NYC fitness studios, but with the deals that they offer, anybody can enjoy a class. A single class costs $34, or if you’re a student with an ID, you can drop in to any class between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday, and after 2pm on Saturday and Sunday for 50% off the regular class rate. They also offer a new client special at $34 for unlimited classes for 10 days after which you can snag another great deal at $164 for unlimited classes for a month! Not to mention that if you’re looking to bring your friends to the studio, Bring a Friend Free classes are offered multiple times a week, so everybody can give it a try with no commitment whatsoever. In addition, the company provides opportunities such as a Work Study program in which you can work at one of their studios once a week for 4 hours in exchange for free classes. (P.S- This isn’t limited to students!)

If you’re looking to try out a new affordable workout that will get you happy, healthy, and empowered, all while having fun, give 305 a try. Are you ready to “Make Sweat Sexy”? Visit 305 Fitness in NYC at their Village, Columbus Circle, Upper East Side, and Midtown locations. Come as you are, all are welcome.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

xoxo Gabi

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